About Us

We provide local expertise and international support as a result of the cooperation between Legal Skills law firms located around the world.  

A well-functioning network of law firms is of vital importance when clients need to take action in various countries or adapt to a particular national legislation.

Likewise, the legal skills network allows our member firms to make quick referrals to our clients, should they require local representation in another country or cooperation with local authorities.

Legal Skills firms can assist and provide services to clients who wish to establish a subsidiary or launch business operations in a new Member state.

Individual Legal Skills law firms can also set up a working pair or lawyer group to manage a legal case which calls for contemporaneous measures in several countries.

This local expertise and international support is one of the valued services provided by Legal Skills law firms, with a commitment to delivering legal services to the client at a high professional level.

Our firms provide assistance in litigation and negotiation as well as render advice on a variety of legal issues related to Europe, Africa and Asia.

All LS practitioners are members of their national Bar Associations and they operate according to the rules and regulations imposed on law firms in their respective countries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.


If you want to join please contact the President of the Junior Lawyers Club: Gintare Butnoriute in LITHUANIA E-mail: gintare.butnoriute@balticlaw.com Phone: +370 5 263 9000