Zineb Laraqui Law Firm

Established in 2011 in the city of Marrakech, Zineb Laraqui Law Firm specializes in corporate law, dealing particularly with financial institutions, institutional investors and corporations, in matters as wide as debt collection, corporate reorganizations, and business transactions.

With a team of 10 attorneys, the law firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its clients on a wide range of economic and financial concerns. To do so, the law firm offers a variety of legal and advisory services covering corporate law.

The firm assists clients in an advisory capacity, providing legal advice, as well as in litigation through the entire Moroccan judicial court system, relying on a strong network of correspondents all over the Kingdom.

The law firm’s attorneys have a consistent track record of performance, client service, and above all, standard of care and integrity.

Finally, the firm possesses the latest information systems to allow real time monitoring of ongoing cases, and the ability to provide clients with detailed status reports.


Zineb Laraqui


Résidence Liberté
160 Avenue Mohamed V, Guéliz

Tel : +212 524 43 50 32
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