Shelf Companies

The process of establishing and registering a company in any region can be time consuming, frustrating and a costly endeavour. LS offices offer an efficient turnkey solution to company formation.

When compared to other options for company formation, our services can offer significant savings. Moreover, an investor can avoid unnecessary commitment while an acquisition, start up, or capital investment is under negotiation.

Our shelf companies are fully established, operational entities which can include:

  • Registered address.
  • Flexible articles of association.
  • Minimum statutory share capital funding.
  • Active bank account.
  • Court registration and identification number.
  • Tax registration (CIT & VAT) and identification number.
  • Statistical office registration and identification number.
  • Current accounting records and financial statements.

As shelf companies are registered with  tax authorities, investors can therefore maximise CIT and VAT tax benefits from the moment of acquisition.

Our LS offices can provide after-sale support with regard to newly-purchased companies in preparing notifications or changes to the courts and other reporting bodies.

Should you be interested in this service please do not hesitate to contact us.